The Single Feather – Update.

After a long period, rewriting and editing, I finally emailed my manuscript back to my editor. It was a nerve-wracking time as I’d changed quite a lot in the story. The changes were not to the basic plot but to add depth. I decided to make, Janine into a stronger character so Rachel could inspire Janine, just as others in the novel had inspired Rachel. I also gave an opportunity in the novel for Rachel to find out more details about her father, the outsider artist who formed ‘The Butterfly Collective.’
After a wait, I got the verdict, it was more rounded and the extra details had helped. I’m not going to go into the praise, as there is a fine line between being proud and being big-headed.

It all means by the end of August, I will have my novel ready for the next step. I’m aware it could be a fraught and brusing time but I also know these days authors don’t have just the option of a traditional publisher, with P.O.D. and e-book self publishing all open options. With me they are open options. As far as I’m concerned, with a completed book, you are not at the end of a road you are at the start.

If this is the road I want to take, I need to make sure I’m at the very least on the path connected to the road, which is why I’m looking for an agent to represent me. As I said all options are open to me, and the next few months I hope to discover more about these.


6 thoughts on “The Single Feather – Update.

  1. Katie says:

    Woohooo Ruth now that is something to celebrate.
    Well done you!!!!!
    I can’t wait to read a copy when its out. 🙂 you have done amazingly with your novel. Be super proud of yourself… 🙂
    Take care.

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