Painting and Prose – the Impress model

I have a new commission to paint. While I’m getting my materials ready, I’m reminded of how similar the process is between painting and writing.

For example, If I was going to list the stages of a new painting, from idea to sale it would be as follows. I call it the Impress model.

1) Coming up with a new original idea. (I)

2) Getting the materials together. (M)

3) Planning out the painting in pencil. (P) (Chapter plans, character plans etc)

4) Paint! (Type!)

5) Review the painting, does it need any further work. Add ink work. (R) (Edits)

6) The end product, where should I display it? What price should I put it at? (E) (Agents, publishers, marketing, publicity)

7) Sales! (SS) (Hopefully more than one!)

It’s not surprising the stages involved are so similar, what is surprising is to note how many other activities can follow the Impress model!


2 thoughts on “Painting and Prose – the Impress model

  1. Katie says:

    Hi Ruth…
    That’s an interesting they are quite alike. I guess that does go for a lot of things. That could follow that rhythm… For example… Card making,
    Coming up with a new idea,
    getting all the stuff you need to stick on it,
    Trying out the idea in rough form,
    Doing it for real.
    Making sure its all come together right. etc…
    Very much like writing and painting…. Very thought provoking post…. I wounder how many things follow similar patterns?
    Great blog read got me thinking on that now!! 🙂 🙂

  2. electrasmoped says:

    Hello Katie,
    Most creative activities take careful thought and planning, so quite a lot fits this model!
    Thanks for your comments, Katie,
    I will try and write a longer post when I get some sleep!

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