Exciting News – An Author Interview with Cat on the Moon!

I was introduced to Twitter only in the last year, when I was doing a guest post for Marianne Wheelaghan’s Blog of a Scottish Author. I’ve found it to be useful in contacting fellow writers, those like me who are relatively new to writing, to those already published.

I’ve also found people and organisations who share a similar view of life to me. One such contact has been ‘Cat on the Moon.’ On their Twitter profile it say’s they are ‘a community of mad men and misfit artists of the experimental, shamanistic, psychedelic and avant-garde persuasion.’ They are based up in Glasgow, and almost immediately I struck up a friendship with them.

This led to me asking whether they would like to interview me for their website. I didn’t know I’d be the first author to be interviewed and I didn’t expect such deep, thoughtful and challenging questions.

The interview can be found on: http://www.catonthemoonproductions.com/

If you are on Twitter Cat on the Moon, can be found @CatOnTheMoon

I hope you enjoy the interview and take the time to explore the Cat on the Moon website.


4 thoughts on “Exciting News – An Author Interview with Cat on the Moon!

    1. electrasmoped says:

      Hello Marianne,
      Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. I’m sure you will enjoy the tweets from COTM. I mentioned you as I like writers who also give something back, so I was more than happy to do this!

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