Thank you!

As many of you know I only got discharged from hospital recently. Before I was admitted I was halfway through producing a pack for the 1:1/Advice Panel for Writers at The Atkinson, in Southport, which took place yesterday (9th May).  However, that still left half to finish, with approximately two weeks to go.

I invited fellow authors, both traditionally and self-published to offer tips and in some cases longer pieces. I was really delighted with the response, and want to thank all of you who contributed. It meant the pack wasn’t just me waffling on, but gave a true picture of publishing today.

In particular, I want to thank Russ Gascoigne for writing the introduction, Anthony Trevelyan for writing about traditional publishing, Sean Maguire, Laura (Mole) Chapman), and Rebecca Bradley for writing about self-publishing, and Isabel Costello who gave a really good tip, which graced the front cover. I also want to thank Trish Nicholson ( Writing Your Non-Fiction Book) who very kindly donated two books to the event, much to the delight of those who got a copy!

It was a great event, tiring but good fun, with lots of authors and authors-to-be. I don’t think I met anyone who I didn’t feel had the potential to go on and write or publish.

As I’m saying thank you, it is only right to say thank you to Sefton Council Library Service and Lesley for inviting me. Also, many thanks to those who were also on the panel, Catherine Wilcox (MMU, Author), Oli Munson (Literary Agent AM Heath), and Ra Page (Founder and Publisher at Comma Press).

From left to Right Me, Catherine Wilcox, Oli Munson, and Ra Page. along with Lesley from Sefton Library Service
From left to Right
Me, Catherine Wilcox, Oli Munson, and Ra Page. along with Lesley from Sefton Library Service

2 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. louisajd says:

    Great, Ruth! I’m glad it all worked out. Sounds like a really productive program. I’m hoping to post a short blog post about a writer’s conference I recently attended…hopefully this week will get it published!

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