A Very Busy Few Months…

I am now in the last few months before I graduate in the summer. As such, my workload has trebled, and I am getting stressed.Why am I telling you this? Well, I’m aware of letters I haven’t started, paintings not painted, articles not written and my activity on social media  limited. 

Please bear with me, the summer will soon be here and then I will be back and hopefully in possession of my degree.  

 It was three years ago I decided to do this, and having  these years and space  to devote on Creative Writing has provided me with lots of techniques and ideas, including what will be my next book.  


6 thoughts on “A Very Busy Few Months…

  1. R.F.Hunt says:

    The degree won’t get a First as I used an old module I only scraped through as part of the degree to cut down the time studying from 4 to 3 years. The best I can hope for is a 2:1 or even a 2:2. The grade isn’t crucial – I just did this one for ‘fun’.

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