The Lottery of Life…it might be YOU.

For someone reading this blog, their life is going to change. It’s a brutal fact, but disability can happen at any time, at any point in life, no matter how well off or comfortable you are. 

It happened to me. I certainly didn’t expect to be disabled. I had detailed plans up my 40th birthday. According to my plan, by now I should be a senior manager, maybe working from home with two children and a loving husband. 

 Instead at the age of 18 on a holiday before I was due to go to university, I was in an accident and it changed my life.  Not all of it was bad. Before it happened I had no knowledge of how society (if the politicians let it) can work against the disabled, and I had no idea of just what it was like to struggle.  I have that knowledge now.

Since 2010 politicians began to demonise disabled people, and the right wing media was happy to join in. You may remember George Osbourne talking about the people who get up early for work, and the ‘shirkers’ who still have the curtains closed. This was a coordinated, cynical move, they knew there would be an outcry if they attacked disabled people, without preparing the ground first.

The disabled and poor were made out to be the cause of the financial crash and our income was to be slashed because the deficit was too high.

Hopefully, nobody believes we caused a crash in the sub prime mortgage market in America.  We also now know for these past six years, the deficit has actually got higher, so even that was a sham. 

Thersea May is going in to the General Elections without confirming that she wouldn’t cut disabled benefits even further. 

 Due to that, it’s a sad fact that anyone who votes Conservative is helping to push many to their deaths. Just  google benefit deaths. They are also helping put a stranglehold on disabled people, isolating them, taking away their independence and money, with no recognition of the average £550 extra it costs each month to pay for  a disability such as accessible housing, buying equipment, and transport etc. We continue to have a target on our backs, treated with hostility and suspician, no matter that more disabled people are contributing to the economy than not.  For lots of us we feel as if we are treated like foxes, with a pack of vicious dogs waiting, drooling for the kill. 

There has been more objections to the Conservatives wanting to bring back fox hunting than the continued attacks against the disabled. Can you imagine how that makes us feel? You may be one who will experience this for yourself.
If so, I hope you survive. 

Please register to vote, you have a week left to do it. 


5 thoughts on “The Lottery of Life…it might be YOU.

  1. louisajd says:

    Sincerely hope Labour gets in! How people can be so despicable is beyond me. Good for you, Ruth, for bringing this issue to the forefront and making people aware of what’s really going on!

    1. R.F.Hunt says:

      I think its highly unlikely at this stage. UKIP, the Brexit party are voting in large numbers for the Tories. Can only pray the worst doesn’t happen.

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