International Womens Day!

It was fantastic to be included in such a great line-up of women writers/activists for the IWD supplement in The Morning Star today.

Also, this month I had the pleasure of interviewing an inspiring activist and poet. Jacquese Armstrong – whose chapbook Dance of the Shadows, published by GFT Press,  will be avaiable to pre-order in May. Do have a read!

I’m now entering the frenetic last 2 months of my degree, and my workload has increased to a point where it’s hard to switch off. Bear with me, after May 30th  I will be back and in full voice. 

Creatives with a Mental Health Connection.

On my Twitter profile you may have noticed that along with being an author and a columnist I am now also doing interviews for GFT Press.

The first of these interviews will appear in April with more in the pipeline to follow. 

The people who I’m interested in interviewing, must be involved in the creative arts – as a writer or visual artist, or both! The second ingredient is there must be a mental health connection.

Does this describe you? Would you like the opportunity to showcase your work, and talk about why your work has or why you have a mental health connection? 

I won’t be able to say yes to everyone, but if you are interested do get in touch in the comments box below. 

If you are on Twitter follow GFT Press at @GFTPressLLC and have a look at the website