Exciting News!

This week, I attended a planning meeting for a partnership with Imagine Independence to deliver a four week writing group. This is to be held at The Everyman in Liverpool, on  Monday afternoons,  which will be repeated if there’s enough demand. 

Since writing The Single Feather, I have held many workshops and groups, and have realised that although I tend to over-prepare and get anxious beforehand- there is nothing better than inspiring others to write and equipping them with the skills to take on creative writing projects of their own. 

I regularly receive emails now, with previous group members showing me their work, or letting me know about their progress, and this is a real joy. Passing on the love of the craft and skills especially to those who may’ve faced obstacles in life is an honour and a privilege, and I’m really looking forward to meeting this new group in September.

Workshop: Writing about Disability and Disabled Characters.

On July 16th I was in Bilston to visit a writing group and deliver a workshop on writing about disabled characters. Thirteen members turned up, and the room was packed. Rather than just me talking at the front we discussed as a group the models of disability, and how this could be used in writing about a character with a disability. We looked at areas that might affect someone with a disability – in a negative or positive way.

A – access

R – rights and responsibilities 

E – employment and education

A  – attitudes.

As there were some members of the group who were disabled, they were able to give real life examples of discrimination or negative comments they had experienced.

We also talked about why writers might feel nervous tackling such a subject, and  I outlined some sources of help for a writer. Three writing exercises were given during the workshop, with lots of superb work.

I had packs for each member full of additional material and at the end of the workshop certificates were handed out.

If you belong to a writing group and would be interested in this workshop, do get in touch.

Thank you!

As many of you know I only got discharged from hospital recently. Before I was admitted I was halfway through producing a pack for the 1:1/Advice Panel for Writers at The Atkinson, in Southport, which took place yesterday (9th May).  However, that still left half to finish, with approximately two weeks to go.

I invited fellow authors, both traditionally and self-published to offer tips and in some cases longer pieces. I was really delighted with the response, and want to thank all of you who contributed. It meant the pack wasn’t just me waffling on, but gave a true picture of publishing today.

In particular, I want to thank Russ Gascoigne for writing the introduction, Anthony Trevelyan for writing about traditional publishing, Sean Maguire, Laura (Mole) Chapman), and Rebecca Bradley for writing about self-publishing, and Isabel Costello who gave a really good tip, which graced the front cover. I also want to thank Trish Nicholson ( Writing Your Non-Fiction Book) who very kindly donated two books to the event, much to the delight of those who got a copy!

It was a great event, tiring but good fun, with lots of authors and authors-to-be. I don’t think I met anyone who I didn’t feel had the potential to go on and write or publish.

As I’m saying thank you, it is only right to say thank you to Sefton Council Library Service and Lesley for inviting me. Also, many thanks to those who were also on the panel, Catherine Wilcox (MMU, Author), Oli Munson (Literary Agent AM Heath), and Ra Page (Founder and Publisher at Comma Press).

From left to Right Me, Catherine Wilcox, Oli Munson, and Ra Page. along with Lesley from Sefton Library Service

From left to Right
Me, Catherine Wilcox, Oli Munson, and Ra Page. along with Lesley from Sefton Library Service



Formby Library on Thursday 29th October at 11am

Anyone who’s ever written a book will know one of the best, most pleasurable parts of the whole process is meeting readers and prospective readers. It is such a delight, and often a valuable learning process as you discover what parts of the book people enjoyed or struggled with. You also learn how to give talks and involve people in the process, even if they’ve not read the book yet.

On Thursday, I’m at Formby Library part of Sefton Library Services, and it has recently been refurbished. Isn’t that great – money being invested into such a vital resource?! Formby was where I had one of my most successful signings at The Olde Bookshop, so I’m looking forward to it. If you live in Formby or near to it, and can come to the Library this Thursday at 11am – then you’ll be made very welcome.


 The Single Feather  (drumroll)…at the BBC!

If you are a Facebook friend you’ll know that on Monday I had some exciting news after I was phoned up by a producer at the BBC. I was so excited, I had to tell someone, but then I felt I’d better wait until some more arrangements had been made before announcing it on Twitter.

Anyway (cough, to clear my voice) I will be travelling down to London, for a 10:10 slot on June 30th at BBC Television Centre – it will feel like I’m in my own strange episode of W1A. I hope I meet the Head of Values!

I will be part of a four person panel  discussing various topics. I will be talking about The Single Feather novel, and site, plus whether people with disabilities are at a disadvantage when it comes to getting published as well as joining in the general discussion. It will be recorded for a podcast for BBC Ouch! A team who recently won a major media award. I might also be writing a piece for their website… 

When I know when the podcast is out,I will post a link to it, and it will hopefully be on here as well.

Radio Interview and Book Signings.

A couple of weeks ago, I was interviewed by Pete Price from the Liverpool Radio Station, City Talk. As the programme goes out late at night I missed when it was broadcast, but the producer has sent me an MP3 file. Sadly, I couldn’t put this on here, but I have posted it on Soundcloud and put this on Twitter and Facebook. 

Radio Interviews do work, because last week, as I was delivering posters to The Olde Book Shop in Formby I was told that one copy of The Single Feather had already been ordered by someone who had heard this interview!

Now that Easter is over, I have the last two book signings of this bunch. The first on Saturday at The Old Book Shop in Formby 10:30 – 12 noon. The following day I’m at News from Nowhere 1-2:30pm.

Thanks to Chris Marshall for taking the photographs of the window of The Olde Book Shop, showing The Single Feather!


Coming Soon…

After successful events at Pritchards Bookshop in Crosby, Sally Bee Gifts and Broadhursts of Southport Bookshop, I now have a short break for Easter before the next events.



1) On the 11th April 10:30 – 12 noon I will be at The Olde Book Shop in Formby signing copies of The Single Feather.

2) On the 12th April 1- 2:30pm I will be at the iconic News from Nowhere Bookshop in Bold Street, Liverpool. (Lots of local authors and writers are coming to this event. So even if you don’t want to buy the book do come along and network/meet authors!)

3) On the 21st April join me and author Rosie Claverton on Twitter – starting 8 PM where we will be inviting questions and discussion re:mental health in fiction. Everyone invited!

The other bit of exciting news is currently The Single Feather is being read by a national newspapers book editor for review. It won’t be in for a few weeks and there’s no guarantee it will be featured, but the very fact a review copy was requested was exciting enough for me!

Also planned are some smaller events at book groups and writing groups in the North-West. If you belong to a book group/writing group and would like to read The Single Feather or have me in person talk about the issues and route to publication, then do get in touch, using comment box or via Twitter.

Photographs of The Single Feather in Broadhursts of Southport window, Pritchards Bookshop, Crosby, and in Sally Bee Gifts window.